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Angol nyelv feladat - F25

Word-formation – Pre-Intermediate

Give the correct form of the words in brackets.

When the early (0) …settlers… (settle), especially the Enlish, arrived in the New World, the (1) (hard) and dangers awaiting them were totally (2) (expect). Had it not been for some friendly Indians, the (3) (colony) never would have survived the terrible winters. Life in England had been much (4) (simple), and this new life was not like what Spanish (5) (explore) had reported.

The settlers did introduce iron tools, muskets for hunting, (6) (domestic) animals and (7) (politics) ways to Indians. In exchange, the Indians taught them to blaze trails through the forest, to hunt large animals and trap smaller ones, and to spear fish in the lakes and streams.

The natives also introduced to the settlers typical foods such as turkey, corn, squash, beans and pumpkin. Everything possible was done in order to make their new (8) (settle) resemble the homes they had left behind.

Ahogy a legtöbb honlap, ez a webhely is használ sütiket a weboldalain.