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Angol nyelv feladat - F22

Gap-filling – Pre-Intermediate 2.

Choose the most appropriate word from the list for each gap in the text. There are seven extra words which you do not need to use.

Near, it, can, so, pocket, into, there, most, left, car, last, could, have, pull, had, where, keys, leaning, low, thoroughly, if, lot.

Feeling (8) annoyed with himself and his luck, the fisherman lent over the bridge to try to see (9) his keys (10) gone. As he did (11) the bridge collapsed and he fell into the river. This was the (12) straw. He crawled out of the river and went back to his car. (13) . he discovered that he had locked the doors and (14) not get in. His anti-thief had immobilized his car. There was nothing (15) for him to do but walk sadly home.
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