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Angol nyelv feladat - F21

Gap-filling – Pre-Intermediate 1.

Choose the most appropriate word from the list for each gap in the text. There are seven extra words which you do not need to use.

Near, it, can, so, pocket, into, there, most, left, car, last, could, have, pull, had, where, keys, leaning, low, thoroughly, if, lot.

An English man living (0) ...near… Sheffield recently had a (1) unlucky day’s fishing. He was standing on a (2) bridge when he had the misfortune to knock his tin of bait (3) the river. (4) over the side of the bridge, he tried to hook the tin and (5) it out of the river. As he did so, his car (6) fell out of his (7) and disappeared in the water.

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